Tuesday, November 27, 2012

FREEDOM: (Eating Again) Lunch with Friends in the Country

Last Saturday, we got together with the group of friends which we went away with for the House-boating holiday back in May. They are three people my husband and I knew through our workplace (including two partners) - so we are a merry band of seven.... and very much enjoy catching up.

We booked a table in a historic hotel - a country pub in Willunga which started operations in 1840. I'm sorry I forgot to take a photo of the very beautiful street view of the hotel. We actually had the entire dining room to ourselves which was lovely - we said it was like eating around the table in houseboat!!

As soon as I read the board on the left - there was no further need to peruse the real menu! Duck (especially confit leg) is my FAVOURITE!!!! 

In this room is a secondary bar.... with an interesting addition above the bar!

This is real life size rubber version of a great white shark caught in a seaside town, Robe. I'm not sure what is has to do with Willunga.... but the new managers here are from Robe - so maybe there is a connection there??

Our friends all arrived and after much chatting the food started coming too - this is the beer battered fish and chips

This is the Salt and Pepper Squid that the husband ordered

Last but not least - two at the table ordered the Confit Duck Legs - smothered in Red Wine and Garlic  Jus...... I was a happy girl!

Can you believe we squeezed in dessert too!!

My husband has announced that he has already put on 2kg over the last couple of weeks - blaming the socialising and eating that happen prior to the Christmas Season. 

Tis the season to be Jiggly...........

Thursday, November 22, 2012

FREEDOM: Eggs Benny at the Beach

Today, my husband and I took a good friend to a Breakfast "celebration". My friend had a Birthday a little while ago while she was visiting family in the UK.... so we agreed to have a meal together when she got back. Breakfast was her idea, and I did not argue!

This is the Deep Blue Cafe on the esplanade at Moana Beach. My third time here.

The development of the esplanade is really lovely.

This beach holds many fond childhood memories for me..... it was our preferred "family" beach where get-togethers were held (it's a metropolitan beach where vehicles can drive onto the sand - and elaborate tents and shelters are built between vehicles - especially on weekends) ..... many of my aunts, uncles (and my mother) have now passed away... but the memories of our times here are cherished. 

Inside the cafe our coffees arrived.

My friend and I have been dreaming about eggs benedict for ages.... a rare treat which goes straight to the hips!

Husband just wanted an egg, cheese and bacon (with BBQ sauce) roll.... he doesn't get turned on by Hollandaise sauce like I do!

 And it all tasted even better with a view like this.

The other reasons for our celebration today....... my friend has gone on a spending spree and bought a brand new car (medium size SUV) and yesterday she confirmed her purchase of a caravan.

Guess who is coming camping and caravanning with us??