Saturday, February 23, 2013

FREEDOM: "High Tea"

Today I had a really nice outing. I organised "High Tea" for 5 of my girlfriends from High School. I snapped up an internet offer and thought we should give it a go. (I am wary of these "offers" because sometimes they can be a surprise - but not in a good way!! LOL!)

The internet reviews of the High Tea venue were good..... so I was 90% confident that it was going to be OK.

First impression of the venue (Orchid Garden Tea Room) - really nice!

I loved looking at the display of pretty China .... I have a HUGE weakness for flowery, delicate, pretty china.

We could also purchase the special blends of tea if we wished. Not me - I'm a strict coffee girl!

First plate - prawns in a creamy sauce

Second plate - "Royal Duck with Mushroom"

Third plate - little mouthfuls of yummy things

Couldn't resist a close-up of these gorgeous little jellies!

And this - is a momentous occasion ..... my FIRST EVER FRENCH MACARON!!! It was orange flavoured and was simply divine! Now I know what all the fuss is about!

I must say that it was great catching up the girl talk and just have a little bit of delicate luxury for 2-3 hours (we lingered) before we had to return to normal life.

If we could put this kind of experience (Girl Talk and High Tea in a lovely place) into a little bottle and sell it ...... it would be worth thousands.

We must do it again girls. Love Ya lots!!!!