Tuesday, April 30, 2013

COOKING: Almond Macaron with Chocolate Filling

Yes I have got a bit caught up in the whole "Macaron Frenzy" that seems to have splashed over all the reality TV cooking programs and then mesmerised the masses.

I recently got my first cookbook dedicated to this lovely biscuit courtesy of my friend Lynn:

Aren't they PRETTY!

In Australia we have a lovely lady DONNA HAY who is known as a "Food Stylist" but she is also an awesome home cook/chef. She is VERY good at shortcuts to achieve an awesome result.

My brother who has also got a love of food.... bought this when he saw it on special in his supermarket:

It sat in his pantry for months before he gave it to me to make them.... because he thought it all sounded a bit tricky.

So yesterday he came over for dinner with his two mini schnauzers, and I baked them in the afternoon. This is how they turned out:

These appear much more yellow than what they really were..... I had to take the pictures at night without the benefits of natural light - hence the yellow tinge



Almost identical I'd say (minus the colour issue LOL!)

And we can honestly say - really nice and delicious - and much less sugary than others we have tried. 

Well Done Donna !! Another really great product.

But I will be making mine from scratch (stretching my skills) from here on using my cookbook. 

No doubt you will hear all about my attempts. Wish me luck.