Thursday, February 6, 2014

FREEDOM: High Tea with the Girls

Sorry it's been so long since my last post. Happy 2014 everyone!

I still remain in contact with 5 girlfriends from High School days. We finished High School in 1984. I still can't believe where the years go!!??

Anyway - we had our first High Tea together last year - and then decided we could do it better (!!) ourselves.

So. I co-ordinated three girls to make a savoury dish, and three girls to make a sweet. We then made a date and time and gathered at the beautiful house of one of our group who happens to be a doctor. No husbands or children....... genius!!

What we didn't plan for was the Hottest February Day in years and years and years!! Was 44.7 degrees celsius in Adelaide (113F) - but we had air conditioning to keep us from melting away!!

I made ribbon sandwiches with Chia bread. The two fillings were Cream Cheese and Cucumber and Lemon Cream Cheese with Smoked Ocean Trout. I got carried away and made Rye Mountain Bread Pinwheels which contained Roast Chicken, Light Mayo and Shredded Lettuce.

The other platter up high contained Prawn Yum Cha with Kecap Manis Sauce (Sweet Soy).

Another dish was Cream Cheese Vol-au-vents with Smoked Salmon and Dill.

Sweets courses next. These were Fresh Fruit Jelly with Coconut Meringues. The friend who made these was delighted to use (FINALLY) these lovely glasses that she received for a wedding gift ..... won't tell you how many years ago!!

Mini Banoffe Pies and Custard Tarts.

Cubed Watermelon and Mango. Much appreciated given the weather!

Mini baked Cheesecakes - soooooo good!

We proved that High Tea is do-able at home. Just grab some good friends and allocate a savoury or sweet dish - then meet. No-one is left to do the lion share of the work and we could laugh, gossip and natter to our hearts content..... and not have to be mindful of the next table of diners!!