Sunday, April 6, 2014

CRAFTS: Making Easter Eggs ( Non - edible )

Who doesn't like an Easter Centrepiece for the table??

Two different types of eggs in this basket.

Last year in the post-Easter sales at my local craft store I spotted packs of paper mache and polystyrene craft eggs. They were marked down by 75% - so I couldn't resist.

The paper mache ones were real chicken egg size, and the polystyrene ones were more quail egg size.

First I got out the craft acrylic paints and got to work. I gave the small ones three coats of eggshell colour and when dry - stippled some gold sploges all over each one. Then I gave them a coat of my decoupage gloss medium and varnish.

I bought some basic sheets of stickers and applied one to each egg. To make it sit nice and flat, I snipped around the edges a bit.

Then I finished each one with two generous coats of the gloss medium.

Throughout this whole process I found it useful to stick each egg with a toothpick and spike them into some foam.

The finished products

The paper mache eggs were given a different paint job. Pink, green, blue and peach. I put gold dots on half, and silver stripes on the other half. When dry I gave them two coats of the gloss medium.

I found these very pretty rhinestone stick on gems in my craft store.

Started sticking. I can't resist bling (!!!)

Little stripes on the stripy ones

And two on each dot


I think these will bring a little Easter Cheer!!