Friday, August 17, 2012

FREEDOM: Random Stuff

Hi all,

Our winter is still biting....yesterday and today there were wind and rain storms, and we received 19mm of rain in the gauge. Looking out of the home office window right now....there is bright blue sky and bright least the solar panels are making power!!

During our local walks with our mini schnauzer, Rubie, I'm starting to see spring bulbs bursting into life. Who can resist a lilac Iris????

 Everything is so green...... but the trees still look mainly bare.

This blackbird found a little quiet time in our conifer tree outside our dining room window.

This was my very pretty pre-dinner drink when we attended an Indian Restaurant with friends last week. It was a rosewater and cardamon lassi - and it was the same colour as the knitted top I was wearing! Yes - it was yummy too!

While out walking, I spotted a mosaic house number....... NOT made by me!

I think it was simple but effective. I have two orders from family, a house number for another brand new house (husbands' cousin is building) and my sister in law has ordered a beach-themed house number. Keeps me out of trouble(!)

On a cold Sunday morning.... we woke up to a smoke filled ravine reserve. This was not fog because I smelled the smoke coming into our ensuite window.

The burning house smoked badly for about two hours, and the fire brigade were there quickly. It was actually a fireman who was driving home from night duty that spotted the smoke erupting from the roof.

He stopped and smashed the front windows to begin to search for occupants. It was reported he rescued two teenagers (14, and 16). Not sure what the situation was with the "parents" - it sounded like they were not home on the Saturday night..... but were emotional and grateful to the fireman hero who spotted the smoke and raised the alarm.

The firemen were lying on the roof and shooting water into the roof space. The fence is all scribbled on.... the fences face an empty block and the back fence faces the ravine reserve..... apparently a great spot for vandals with spray cans(uuuurrrrrr!)

The aftermath. This house has been totally gutted and will be torn down and rebuilt. The shell is now boarded up in the interim while insurance things are being sorted. Just goes to show how important House Insurance is......I cannot believe that it is not a top priority for some! The loss is estimated at 300,000 dollars. A huge shock and sad time. This is the first time I have been so close to a house fire.

Thank goodness no one was hurt.


Hey - I received this knitting book with one of my Better Homes and Gardens mags. Instead of throwing it away (I never learned to knit) - does anyone out there wish to have it???? Email me at 


and leave me a mailing address and I'll gladly post it internationally to whoever wants it. The designs look very nice especially the "multi-way" wrap.

Keep an eye out for my next post - it's a Berry and Almond Cake that is SO EASY yet impressive and you will make it again and again.

Have a Great Day!!


  1. So strange to think of you seeing the spring flowers when we are mid to end of summer flowers here :-) Those irises are beautiful - we have some in our garden but not this time of year! That house fire looked bad - lucky no-one was hurt though. Look forward to the cake recipe - it sounds delicious! Have a great weekend - Leigh and Magic xx

  2. You are heading into the most BEAUTIFUL and HOPE FILLED Season... and we are going into the SAD Time of Autumn.

    Glad no one was lost in that fire.

  3. Gosh, it is nice to see green! It's been so hot and dry here that all our plants and grass have turned brown!

    That fire is so scary. I am glad the teenagers made it out and were OK.

    Your pals, Pip & Mom

  4. Oh I love Lilacs and that can only mean that Spring is coming for you!! Fall is quickly approaching for us and the cool air is nipping on us so quickly also. Too bad about the fire and yes it was good that no one got hurt!! Have a fun Saturday!!