Tuesday, March 19, 2013

CRAFTS: Mosaic Possums

When I was helping out in a friends craft shop, I ordered a gorgeous ceramic tile of two POSSUMS. I'm a big fan of the Possum, I think they are furry and cute. However, if you ask others who have them destroy their veggie gardens or pot plants, then run over their house rooves all night long - with what sounds like army boots on - they will tell you that they hate them. I have only encountered them in nature ..... and I'm a fan. I've been known to tempt them to come close with fruit and vegetables as my bribery - here is one which came the closest while hubs and I were touring Tasmania. He/she even rested its paws on my leg!

Thanks for the memories - Tassie Friend!

I'll always remember another little possum sleeping on the window sill of the ladies' shower/toilet block in our caravan park in Hervey Bay, Queensland. It slept all day, and put a huge smile on the faces of ladies using the facilities throughout the day. Of course, at sunset it was off to source some food and check out the outdoors. I fed that one some banana.

Finished and hanging on the outside wall.

The beginning of the grouting process. I had to wait for a cool day otherwise the grout dries too fast.

Your grout must be toothpaste consistency then you squoosh it inbetween all the tiles with a worn sponge.

When it is all squooshed in, you wait a bit, then start to use a damp sponge to clean the surface off.

Hello Possum. My ceramics friend Sandy makes and fires the gum leaves, gum nuts, and yellow rounds for the wattles too. A great time saver instead of cutting them out by hand from tiles!

This project has taken me over 6 months to complete, at a very leisurely pace. 

This wall faces our hillside views and the entrance to the gazebo. This is often where I will sit with my first coffee of the day with my mini schnauzer on her outdoor bed to my left. 

The mosaic table was my very FIRST mosaic project I made while taking classes.


  1. Hi Poots!
    That is so very beautiful, I love the end result with the mosaic table too, you are so very talented! I think that it looks amazing!
    I think that Possums are really cute and furry fun too, I have never seen one in the wild just in the Zoo and they took food from my hands and things, I also met Kangeroos which were really nice! Keep up the good work, it looks hard but with such a wonderful end result I can see why you like it!
    Love and Hugs from Jem and Frank XxxxxxX

  2. YOUR Possums look very different from OUR Possums. YOUR possums are really CUTE. Ours are all gray and they have a long naked Tail like a Rat they are rather ugly. I love Your finished project. VERY Pretty.

  3. That is really beautiful - and the mosaic table too. I have never seen a possum before but they have sweet faces on the tile. Your little coffee place sounds lovely too - I would like to sit with my peeps looking out a view like that :-) woofs and licks from Magic xx

  4. Hi, I found your blog when I googled mosaic possums. We have a beautiful little ring tail that lives on our porch and is amazingly tame. I love these tiles, where can I buy them from please? I have tried to find out where the shop is from your blog, but no luck. Your work looks amazing too! Cheers, Shona.

    1. Hi Shona, So nice to hear from you. The shop I'm referring to is in Adelaide and is called Creative Mosaics. Sally (owner) will be happy to speak to you regarding these tiles.... Her website is www.creativemosaics.com

      If you want more information regarding the other components of this piece, please email me using rubie(dot)schnauzer(at)me(dot)com - I can tell you more including my real name which will come in handy when you contact Sally.