Sunday, April 29, 2012

FREEDOM: Holiday in Bright, Victoria - Pt 1

My husband and I love to visit Bright - he has good friends (N & I) who retired there after working their entire lives in Adelaide. They were avid skiers and used to ski the surrounding alpine mountain slopes of this lovely Victorian town. We so look forward to spending some quality time with them as (N & I) are fellow wine lovers and foodies like us. There is always good wining and dining on these trips.

Many tourists go to Bright for the beauty and quaint country feel...... and it is a hop, skip and jump to day tours into the snow in the ski season.

We were there over the last week, celebrating my Birthday and our 10th Wedding Anniversary. To be honest - it's any excuse to get there in the cooler months for me!

I'm blogging the holiday in three parts for your viewing pleasure!

After about 1000 kilometres - we have 71 to go!

The beautiful Autumn leaves provide a welcome.

At LAST - the entry into Bright.

The town centre - and the returned servicemen's memorial.

More Autumn display outside the main street pub.

Top of main street.

Looking back down the shopping strip.

Pretty lane ways.

We had a coffee overlooking the Ovens River in the Riverdeck Cafe.

One of the Caravan Parks enjoying riverside plots.

A walkway over the Ovens River.

Gorgeous place to sit and see what's in the picnic basket!

Further down the river path.

Pretty, pretty, pretty.

Our Holiday House.

Cyclamens on our front porch.

It's sad that we didn't stay longer. But it was the first time we left our dog, Rubie, for longer than a day. She holidayed with my brother and his two mini schnauzers......and she coped really well. I was so relieved. It made me feel sick in the stomach to leave her. We received regular texts, emails and emailed photos to prove she was happy. A BIG step for this little family.

I'll post the inside pictures of our holiday house and more shortly.

It's nice to go away, but there is no place like home.


  1. Hi Poots! Finally made it over to say hello! :-)

    What a beautiful place Bright is! I love all the pictures of the autumn leaves - that's something we've really missed since moving over to Australia as we have mostly been living in the more tropical regions and so haven't seen much of the "seasons" - and autumn is my favourite season! :-)

    Bright looks just up our alley. I don't really drink but Paul does like his wine and I love visiting vineyards anyway. We love all that kind of "quaint character" type of places. Looking forward to Part 2! :-)