Thursday, May 3, 2012

FREEDOM: Holiday in Bright Pt 2

After booking our accommodation online with a huge, reputable accommodation service, we arrived at our original 2 bedroom "Garden Cottage Unit" to be told our booking didn't exist!! Drove 1100 km for this??? I kept my cool because I could see how distraught the manager David was, and very apologetic. He wanted to search the town for alternative accommodation for us, so my husband and I left to go into the town centre and pick up a few groceries and grab a coffee.

When we returned David greeted us with a big smile, and said he had found a four bedroom house for us. On taking his direction, we were off to see the house. This is the ex-managers residence in a complex of about 10, 2 bedroom holiday units. This house never used to be let out, but now it was available for us. LUCKY US.

The Living Room - complete with HUGE flat screen, combustion fire, comfy lounge and great magazines!

Full kitchen. Seeing as I was cooking a formal 3 course dinner for N&I on the evening of our 10th wedding anniversary, I needed a good kitchen. Check!

Huge fridge/freezer, dishwasher, wall oven, double sink.

I was a happy girl!

A suitable place for my formal dinner - complete with candles!

Our bedroom with king size bed.

With garden view.....

Our ensuite

Vanity counter bits and pieces

Bedroom Two - lovely old style four poster.

Window seat complete with teddy, and a lovely old writing desk.

Bedroom Three, shared an ensuite with Bedroom Four. Didn't photograph the fourth bedroom, but that had three single beds.

Looking out at the patio/garden

Not too shabby huh?

Candles for use everywhere!

Our private back garden (window is our bedroom one)

Beyond the paved patio.

The view from the kitchen window

Our front porch

Some of the centre gardens of the complex

That's the driveway into the complex.

So we only JUST coped with the!! Truly a wonderful stroke of luck to have our booking "lost" - don't you think!?! We were very comfortable and the formal dinner party was extremely successful. A lot of red wine was consumed, but not enough to cause any headaches! My slow cooked Lamb shanks were perfect. 

My only gripe about our house were the "induction" cooktops in the kitchen. I had never cooked on them before, but did not like it at all. But that is probably a matter of what you are used to. I can't fault cooking on gas rings....the fast heat and the immediate control....that's my thing!

Check back to see the final part 3 of our Bright Holiday!!

Bye for now, Poots.


  1. That was lucky losing your booking and ending up in better accommodation. It looks truly wonderful. Happy Anniversary too :-) Leigh & Magic

  2. What a beautiful accommodation that IS..

    My family always says.. Out of every BAD thingy... GOOD thingys come.

  3. I agree! That was a happy accident! How lovely.