Friday, December 28, 2012

COOKING: More Christmas Goodies!

I tried a new recipe for the Almond Crescents...... they were an absolute triumph and tasted very much like the ones "mum used to make". I am yet to go through my late mothers recipe books.... many of them are written in one of three languages!!

These are the Lemon Polenta cookies. I was a little dubious of the use of polenta in cookies..... they were OK but not great.... so I won't be making them again.

Nut Clusters. These are gluten free and really good. When cold they are brushed with dark chocolate on the underside. These are made on request of my friends.

Finally - Hedgehog slice and the same mix was tipped into small patty cases. These are also Gluten Free as I used gluten free shortbread in the ingredients list.

This platter came with us when we went to my sister-in-laws for Christmas Day Lunch. The numerous kids LOVED it (and big kids too).

This was nothing to do with me..... but it was one of the desserts on offer at that Christmas Day Lunch. It was so pretty I had to photograph it. It was an ice-cream cake with frozen chocolate sponge and two layers of creamy gelato. I was TOTALLY AWESTRUCK with the pink layer (it was Turkish Delight flavoured) and I could have eaten a litre just of it. This green layer was mint and it had chocolate frosting with fresh raspberries and flaked chocolate. The hands in the picture belong to my husband's (naughty) niece. She was busy trying to take all credit for making it - when her sister-in-law actually made it. 

This is my table setting for the final "Christmas" event on my calendar.... dinner on Boxing Day for four. My good friend Lynn has all family in the UK..... so I like to throw a formal dinner for her. I invite my brother over to make it a nice easy four. 

Another Christmas over...... and I can put my feet up a bit now. Whew!!


  1. Poots as the dogs would say... I have DROOLED all over the Keyboard.

  2. Having tasted the almond crescents I can tell you they are the best!

  3. WOW!! Those look so good. I love anything almond. I will have to try them. Very pretty table setting too!!