Tuesday, December 11, 2012

CRAFTS: Antique Buffet Restoration

Those of you who follow this blog will know that I am fond of saving wooden furniture from ending up in landfill ...... Look what I found in the garage of my parents-in-law when we had the dubious task of clearing the house and garage prior to sale.

As usual... I forgot to take a complete "before photo" - this photo shows the top and sides beginning to be sanded.

I hate sanding - lucky for me my husband did the "lion share" this time.

Everyone looked at me as if I had bought the ticket to the "funny farm" when I put my hand up and said "I'll have it!!" Even my husband. He said that this cupboard was always in the back of the garage - holding tools, paints and poisons.... he cannot remember it even being in the house first!

To be honest - I noticed the beautiful drawer handles first..... and then I was in love. I am particularly fond of ornate handles and such.

You could tell it has been exposed to many years of cold winters and hot summers.... the wood had split in a number of areas and needed filling.

Sanded and cleaned ready for stain and varnish. We gave up on the split and wobbly top - and my husband replaced the top entirely.

I love the invention of a combined stain and varnish!!

We deliberately did not sand off everything - I like the look of some background left behind ....

YAY!! All finished and in situ in my office.

I gotta say - I am so in love with this piece.

And I love that I have somewhere to put my mosaic supplies and my sewing machine and toolbox!


  1. OH MY GOSH Poots... THAT is just GORGEOUS.
    We have Cabot's here too and I know what you mean about the combo.
    You did an outstanding job with this... and it is just perfect for where and HOW you are going to use it. CONGRATULATIONS on such a WORTHY and WORTHWHILE project. Frankie & Ernie's mom.. LANA

  2. Good job I need something like that in my dining area what are my chances???

  3. OMG! It is just gorgeous!! What a lovely job. Well done!