Tuesday, July 9, 2013

FREEDOM: Dinner for my husband's Birthday.

My husband celebrated a significant Birthday mile stone yesterday - so I organised a small celebration at a beautiful restaurant on the Torrens River just out of Adelaide's CBD. The Red Ochre Restaurant is famous for it's inventive use of Australian ingredients including very unknown "bush food" morsels which normally are not readily available in a supermarket.

Over ten years ago my brother and I took a Canadian cousin and husband out for a meal and we ended up choosing this restaurant - and we had a fabulous night then too. We took the tack of choosing almost every entree and shared each plate so a full taste experience was had. I can honestly say - the Canadians were blown away by "Aussie fare". They had assumed that Australian food is what they got served up at "Outback Jacks" ....... no...no ..... nooooooo!!

Back to last night..... here are some pictures to make you hungry!

 The exterior - Our restaurant was upstairs and there is a separate one downstairs.

 Walking up.

 Looking at the City Scape on the river over the balcony tables. Too cold to sit outside in winter!

 Tasting plate contained Crocodile fish cake with lemon myrtle pickle, potato and leak soup with pepper leaf chive cream, and goats curd noisette with liquid beetroot.

 Husband had the Char Grilled Kangaroo

 My choice was asian inspired Clay Pot Duck.....

 The duck dish was then spooned over my steamed bok choy and coconut and lemongrass rice. The rice was to die for!!!

 This was the organic prosciutto wrapped chicken, soft herb stuffing, confit leg, sweet potato, toasted cashews, spinach puree, cranberry and native apple pickle.

 Salt bush lamb

 Yam Gratin side dish

 My dessert..... Wow! Macadamia and honey parfait, salted caramel popcorn, and chocolate ganache.

Trio of brûlées - chocolate, plum and lime and ginger.


  1. Now Poots, did the birthday boy like his food as much as you liked yours?

    Everything was certainly pretty to look at. How was the Kangaroo?

    Cheers and hugs,

    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

    1. Lol!! I'll let you in on a little secret. I am the foodie and therefore ALWAYS enjoy my food MORE than my husband. He is a "you eat to live..... rather than live to eat" (like ME)!! His palate is straightforward and uncomplicated.... unlike me who wants to experience new and wonderful flavours..... However, his Roo was cooked really well - cooked to "blue" - far too rare for me, and he enjoyed it.

      Don't get me wrong he will say he had a great meal and a great night out..... whereas I would go on and on about it..... write blogs and update FB about it..... and remember my dishes for about 20 years!! ;-)


  2. OH MY.... First Happy Birthday to your hubby! And now to the food. It all was so elegantly presented. What a FEAST.

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