Tuesday, May 16, 2017

FREEDOM: Building a House - Selections - Plumbing.

Further to my first post about building a house, I wanted to document our journey in "Selections" - the builders way of saying - selecting all the house details.

It is daunting and stressful. It didn't help that while we were doing our selection appointments, in the background, we were involved in an intensive time of our lives - selling our previous house. The sales campaign was not going well, and all of the confidence given to us by our sales agent was being eroded week by week by having no firm interest in our house. It was clear that we were not going to obtain a good price, like the one quotes by the agent in the beginning.

This was in the back of my mind while "spending" money during the selections! When you see the words "Upgrade from standard" it means I rejected the standard range included in the build contract and chose something else (something more expensive!).


Two of these (left) for the twin vanity in the ensuite. Upgrade from standard.

One of these for main bathroom. Standard. 

Two of these, one in ensuite, one next to main bathroom. Upgrade from standard.

Mixer tap and spout for main bathroom tub. Standard.

Mixer taps for ensuite sinks. Upgrade from standard.

Small vanity and tap for utility room. Upgrade from standard.

Toilet roll holder, hand towel holder, and bath towel holders for all wet areas. Standard. Selected a double bath towel holder for ensuite. Upgrade from standard.

One of two "banks" of taps to choose kitchen and butler's pantry taps. A little daunting.

The winner for the Kitchen. One of the few that have a nice flat lever to operate (arthritis accounted for) and the end of the tap slips out on a hose for versatility. Upgrade from standard.

I chose a pull-out veggie sprayer for the Butler's pantry, but forgot to take a picture. Upgrade from standard.

German import for shower in main bathroom. Upgrade from standard.

I had already bought a special shower head and hose for the ensuite from another source. 

So that was a big afternoon in the Plumbing supplier's showroom. To be honest, I was very disappointed in the standard selections, most of them were VERY basic and ugly. I felt that I had very little option but to upgrade almost everything. $$$$ heaving!

Bye for now!

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