Thursday, July 27, 2017

FREEDOM: Building a House - Selections - Splashback

Next we ventured into the world of Glass Splashbacks. Very exciting as I have only had tiles and laminate for kitchen splashbacks in the past.

Glass splashbacks were included in our building contract. You are allocated an "allowance" value and if your splashback cost is over the allowance, you need to pay the difference. Yep - you guessed right, ours went over by $735.00 !!

 When we went into the showroom, we were faced with 3 walls of glass options like this one:

Lucky for me, I knew what colour I would like (because the kitchen colours had already formed in my head) so I headed straight for the GREENS.


The Winner.

 They happened to have DAINTREE up and used as a "Mock" Shower splash back in the show room. I knew I made my dream selection.

These were brand new. Sort of a marbly swishy type of finish. They were spectacular and the picture does them no justice.  If only I were a little more "rad"!! Next life I guess *wink*.

Next stop - Cabinetmakers! 

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