Thursday, July 27, 2017

CRAFTS: Mosaic Mirror Garden Ball

I decided that I needed a WOW FACTOR in the very small backyard we now have with the new house. To be honest, I had to find a solution to the stick that held our Rain Gauge in the middle of the yard. It was ugly.

So I spent a little time humming and haaaaa-ing over what to do with the rain gauge to allow us to still have one, but for it to be included in a nice feature.

I had bought a fibrous cement ball which was supposed to be the top of a water feature. It was "down the back" at a garden pot place. It was a creamy colour with a larger hole on one end and a smaller hole on the opposite side. It just so happened the larger hole could fit my plastic gauge!!

Finished and in place.

I decided on a subtle row of glass beads for around the opening.

And put my broken mirror stock to good use. I left the underside blank where the ball would sit on the rocks.

During the grouting process. Had to be careful and take extra time - some mirror bits had very sharp edges. I decided to grout in white - so that the mirror would be the star! 

The exciting bit - placing it for the first time into it's "nest" of river stones. 

Rain Gauge fits and is easily extracted for readings!

All done. Found the perfect pot. When the sun hits it there are lovely sun dots around the fence, yard and eaves. It will be interesting how these go in summer!!

So now I can monitor our rain amounts with style!!

Very pleased with this one!


  1. I'm not very crafty, but that looks like something I could do!

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