Tuesday, May 29, 2012

FREEDOM: Houseboating Holiday

We were asked to go on a Houseboat for a short break away with 5 other people - friends and old work mates of my husband. We normally get together 3 or 4 times a year and go to restaurant for dinner for fun and catch-up "goss".

It just so happened that the long weekend we booked this Houseboat - clashed with my brother's weekend away with "the boys" at a holiday house at Port Hughes, York Peninsula. This would mean my mini schnauzer Rubie, would be going to the beach while we drove in the opposite direction to the River Murray - connecting with it at the river town Mannum. At least she would be too busy to miss us!?!

The River Murray's level is nice and high as we are still benefitting from the excess flood waters from Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. This river is the focus of much political infighting between the states, as there is much disagreement with regard to water allocations and inappropriate use  - resulting in down stream disaster when Australia was gripped in drought for years on end. This river flows out to sea in our state, and water level had dropped to alarming rates with much ecological damage done. But needless to say - I'm not interested in discussing such serious matters here...... that is not what this blog is for!

We had a wonderful time, and the four women folk made sure we did not run out of food (or wine!) - we over indulged and now must think about detoxing!! I'd like to share some pictures of the great break we had.

We arrived in Mannum and waited for our friends to arrive. This grassed river bank has happy childhood memories for me, where large family gatherings occurred with picnic baskets, folding chairs  and BBQs.

You can pull up here with your houseboat - and have dinner in the pub if you wish!

Looking to the left is the ferry which we took to get to other side and to the marina where we picked up the houseboat.

Driving onto the small ferry.

One of the men (B) on the trip has recently retired and was desperate to commence his fishing hobby. He was so excited to catch this fish shown here - and proceeded to catch one about three times the size, but the line broke while trying to lift it onto the deck. I have photographic evidence of the head as it was beginning to be heaved out of the water. (B) was so happy anyway.

What an enjoyable holiday. We discussed with the owner of the boat whether he would allow three mini schnauzers to holiday on board. He said yes....... so no doubt we will organise my brother, his 2 mini schnauzers, and my Rubie - for the next adventure.

For the group we went away with - the holiday made our bond stronger, and I am hoping we will consider doing this again - maybe every year or 2nd year!


  1. What a GORGEOUS Houseboat!!! Catching fish and Landing fish are sometimes two different things. Right? LOL

  2. WOW!! That looks just beautiful and what a great idea. The views look like they were amazing!! I cant blame you for wanting to go again and Rubie will LOVE it!! And to be with friends, that just takes the cake!!


  3. What a wonderful holiday and such great views. The houseboat looks amazing. I'm sure Rubie & her cousins would love it too :-) woofs and licks from Magic xx

  4. Looks like a great way to enjoy the Aussie countryside in comfort. I don't suppose you did anything healthy like walking trails?????