Tuesday, May 22, 2012

CRAFTS: Mosaic Beginning and First Projects

A couple of years ago my good friend Lynn talked me into going to a mosaics class with her. I figured "why not?" - I'm crafty......let's see if I can do this!

Needless to say that it has been a gift to get into this craft. I always assumed it was going to be tough to cut things like tiles and glass..... and it is unless you know how. Even when you know how it can still go wrong.... but it is nothing you can't fix!

I got along really well with Sally, the lady who owns the Mosaic Shop and runs all the classes. She was looking for someone to look after the shop for her when she is at buying trips or conferences etc., and I offered. So we have an arrangement than she can call on me when she needs help.

Here are some shots of the shop. They are taken a couple of years ago and to see the shop now it is much different. Sally has really stuffed as much stock as she can in there, there is no room on the walls and there are many more shelving units heaving with mosaic items and giftware for sale.

Can you see Kayla..... the shops little mascot?? Look on the floor.

This large table in the middle is where the classes are done.

We loved this pink flamingo made by Sally - it is display only and Sally doesn't want to sell it.

This was my very first project EVER in mosaics. I decided to do a small outdoor table with water lilies.

Sally suggested I dot my table top with mirror. That was a challenge to cut!

Lily pads being done and glued.

Background taking shape. These white tiles were leftover from my brother's bathroom renovation. Waste not, want not in the mosaic world!

I bought three little fish to "swim through" the middle of the table.

All finished and grouted in a light grey colour. The grout is darker in patches as it is still drying but I couldn't wait to take the pics! 

Next to a chair for scale. This is now outside under my gazebo with two outdoor chairs around it.

I was thrilled with the outcome.

My next project was a "random" terracotta pot.

Finished and grouted. Used a terracotta colour grout and that worked well I thought.

I ended up selling this in Sally's shop. Someone else has my work in their backyard!


  1. We really love your mosaic work - it is so pretty. If we lived nearer my Mum would come and buy some of your work for our back garden
    :-) woofs and licks from Magic xx

  2. Now you've made me want to try my hand at mosaics! What a lovely shop.

  3. That looks like so much fun!! I just LOVE your table and of course the pot!! I have never tried this but it does look interesting.


  4. I LOVE the lily pad table. The bits of mirror are PERFECT... When we had our pontoon boat we used to love fishing along the lily pads.. and in the morning... the blossoms would have DEW on them.. which is exactly what the mirror bits look like!!!! SIGH... Frankie and I TRULY MISS our boat. SIGH...

  5. Your work is just amazing! That table is so beautiful! What a good feeling you must have when you see your finished projects!