Wednesday, June 12, 2013

FREEDOM: Freedom for over 100 dogs and cats

Sad news from Adelaide, Australia.

I like to stick my head in the sand sometimes...... I am so affected when I hear about cruelty to animals, I love animals - especially domestic dogs and cats.

About three days ago our Adelaide branch of the RSPCA raided a "puppy and kitten farm" which has been operating in the rural outskirts of Adelaide. The long and the short of it is..... about 100 animals (mainly dogs and pups) were removed from this property which has been operating for some time by "an elderly woman". The local residents of a nearly country town were "shocked and dismayed" that this type of operation was being run right "under their noses" and nothing was known about it.

Pictures of the appalling conditions were shown on the news and on internet sites. The RSPCA called for temporary foster carers as well as supplies such as blankets, towels, food and called out to any vets who can jump in and help. One dog gave birth to her pups in the RSPCA van on the way to the shelter.

There are about 10 mini schnauzers in the group, and one news picture showed a RSPCA officer carrying out a very heavily pregnant salt and pepper mini schnauzer. This really tugged at my heart strings.

I for one (and my views are shared by many) cannot understand how anybody can sleep at night knowing that they run an operation that is based on making these dependent animals miserable. My mini schnauzer will "freak out" if there is a microscopic bit of poop on or around her backside - and will happily let me help her out with a warm wash off. These "farmed" animals don't get the luxury of sleeping or living in areas that are clean.... and not to mention ..... are given diets that are of poor and cheap quality.

These animals are intelligent and are basically being trampled by filth and neglect. Not to mention the psychological torture. Those of us who live and love our domestic animals know that they love to communicate their needs and can show us how much they love us.

The good news is that the call for foster carers has worked..... and loads of lovely people have come forward to offer their home and help for this case. In fact, the RSPCA has said that they do not require any more foster homes as they have enough people registered now.

We heard last night that 40 dogs have already gone home with foster families and the others are being kept because they have to: receive medial attention, or are close to giving birth, or have behavioural issues that need to be assessed. You can only imagine how many warm baths are being run in those 40 homes!!

I myself would love to have helped, but my husband is frightened that any dogs I might foster would actually end up as part of our family, after I form the unbreakable attachment!! He had only agreed to allow me to buy my mini schnauzer after MUCH pleading by me, as he didn't want to have a dog.

Once a week - I make my mini schnauzers life a misery - yea really! I put her in a warm bath and soap her all over with expensive dog shampoo. She is convinced that THIS is the definition of MISERY! Oh how spoiled she is. She has even made it into our queen sized bed after 6 months of making me miserable by making her sleep in a comfy pen in the family room. She made sure we knew how sad she was by crying for about 20 minutes every night for someone to come and get her. It eventually worked after we had a very loud stormy night, and she was so scared - I went and collected her and put her in our bed - and there she has stayed ever since.

Back to the RSPCA situation. What I will do is take some warm bedding and food down to the shelter to add a little support direct from me.

This morning's update on the radio was an interview by a RSPCA representative. He is leading the legislative push to have all domestic dog and cat breeders become "licensed and monitored" which will prevent another situation like this one. I'm sure he will get all the necessary support from the public to help make this happen. Let's pray that it does happen. Once our state can get this done, it is hoped all other Australian states will follow.

He also mentioned that he took a female 10 year Cocker Spaniel and had to bathe her 3 times to get the "muck-off". She was currently lying on his couch watching the man on the phone. What a lovely picture that gave me.... and I couldn't help but smile.

Now there will be more dogs who will be able to go out for walks and "smell the flowers (and grass)" for the first time.

Bless their little furry paws.

NB: I've just heard something that has really made my day. The Schnauzer Club of South Australia has just posted an update on their Facebook page.... they confirm that they will offer assistance to all the schnauzers involved in this farm and provide whatever care they need.... grooming, puppy raising, fostering, homes etc etc.

Rest assured that it is going to be a great outcome for ALL the animals. I have deliberately not posted any images of the farm or the animals while there. But I have found an image gallery link if you want to see - totally up to you. LINK: Image Gallery


  1. A tragic story with what sounds like a good ending, Poots. Thanks for sharing it with us and If I were there I would be looking for a
    mini schnauzer! (I had one for 13 years and we had a wonderful time>)


  2. Howdy Poots, we heard this too and it was shocking especially being close to home. Thank god someone spoke up or dobbed them in and the lives of many of these poor dogs were saved. I'm like you too and sometimes it's too distressing to hardly watch. Bloody greedy basxxxds who run these farms and the pet stores who buy from them. Shame on them! No worries, and love, Carol (and Stella and Rory)

  3. So sad - this kind of thing is happening everywhere it seems. We have those puppy farms here in the UK too and often even some licensed breeders get away with breeding dogs in truly atrocious conditions until they are 'found out'. Good news that those poor dogs now have foster homes and may have a much happier life to look forward to from now on. Couldn't look at the photos - it upsets me too much to see any kind of cruelty to animals. Hugs to Rubie who enjoys such a good life with you - take care - Leigh (Magic's Mum)

  4. OH how SAD... Your generous gift of bedding will help tremendously.

  5. This is an awful story but its great there is a good side we still have plenty of good people willing to help. i for one will back any legislation that stop this kind of thing from happening again