Thursday, March 29, 2012

COOKING: From my veggie garden

I have mixed feelings about this time of year. I am truly elated that the hot hot weather of summer is behind me (for another season) but my veggie garden withers after producing it's spring and summer bounty, and is getting ready to go to plant heaven.

I have a small vegetable garden because the plot of land our house sits on is mainly taken up by a large house.......and because our land is on the downwards aspect of a hill, is split into three levels. As it is not situated ideally for a vegetable patch, it's a labour of love to try and produce anything on half a day's sun, and that is the brutal afternoon sun of summer - making matters even more challenging.

My prized crop is my tomatoes..... because no matter what you say - the best tomato is a home grown one. There is one large oxheart which is managing to turn pinkish red, and it will ripen in 2 or 3 days time. It is the last one. The cherry tomatoes are finishing, as is my crop of sweet basil. The small crop of asian chilli's are still doing well, and gosh they are hot this year.

I try to grow garlic - but they are always small because my veggie garden does not get much sun in the cooler months - so my crop is plentiful but small and fiddly to peel.

Cherry Tomatoes - plus one chilli for demonstration purposes.

One of my four chilli bushes - more than enough heat for one household.

My sweet basil - this is the best "looking" bush - but they are all struggling in the cooler nights now.

Salmon, mashed potato and (my) sautéed cherry toms, basil and garlic. A fast side dish and so satisfying knowing you grew the ingredients.


  1. In spite of the weather and land, you still managed to grow some beautiful tomatoes and that plate of food looks very, very yummy!

  2. Those tomatoes look lovely - cooked and uncooked. The problem at our house is the tomatoes look so yummy growing we dogs pick them off as quick as we can before our peeps can get to them and they never get as many they would like :-) woofs and licks from Magic xx

  3. The Adelaide climate can be a challenge but you did well and as a fellow tomato grower in Adelaide you are quite right home grown is best!!

    1. The more we grow - the more we learn huh Lynny - still we can turn out some veggies against all odds!!

  4. It is very satisfying to grow your own veggies. Yours look like they did great! Your dish looks terrific and I bet those sauteed tomatoes would be great tossed with pasta. I grow red chilis which I thread onto a needle and hang by my kitchen window to dry for the winter. Love your basil plant! I love fresh basil! :)

  5. I love my vegetable garden too, but have the same problem as you - it does not get much sun where it is located. I figured I would try putting some of my veggies in container gardens this year, because my patio gets more sun than the garden patch does. We will see how that goes! I agree that nothing beats home-grown tomatoes - they are just so much more delicious than store-bought ones. Also, I passed an award along to you. Stop by if you are interested! Have a great weekend!