Friday, March 9, 2012

FREEDOM: Short Holiday Booked

I'm totally in love with the Alpine (highlands) region of Victoria. My love affair started when my husband took me to Bright, in order to introduce me to one of his old bosses and his dear wife. They retired and then moved to Bright from Adelaide, because they were snow bunnies and avid skiers. I will call them N&I to protect their privacy, but suffice to say they are the best and I love their little town almost as much as I love them.

In the ski season you can take transport or drive if you have snow chains, direct into the ski fields from their low lying town. Bright has been known to get a mini sprinkle of snow, but not enough to ski on. It is a lush and green town, the Ovens River running through, complete with gorgeous huge trees which put on an awesome show over Autumn.

Just recently - there have been flooding rains over Qld, NSW and Victoria and it seems to have affected many towns alongside rivers, with much home loss and soul destroying times for many. Bright has flooded in the past, but it seems to have got through these last few weeks quite well.

In April it is our 10th Wedding anniversary. Whew - where did those years go??? Also, my Birthday is the day before. So even though we bought our wonderful A'van Caravan as our anniversary "present" - we are slipping over to Bright to get away, meet up with our friends and enjoy the Autumn display.

I've booked a Holiday Unit - in a gorgeous garden setting and it even comes with free use of mountain bikes to enjoy the trails. Haven't been on a bike in over 25 years! Woo Hoooo!

I can't wait - only drawbacks are the LONG drive and the fact we are leaving Rubie our dog with her Uncle and fur-cousins  .....   here is a taste of what is to come:


  1. Those pictures look lovely - it doesn't look as I imagine Australia to be - so lush and green. I'm sure you'll have a wonderful holiday break there and no doubt Rubie will enjoy being with Scarlet & Zoe. Just think of all the bitey face games they'll be able to have :-)

  2. Hi Leigh - it's not all outback dust here! Lol! There are beautiful pockets of "english" like areas - picturebook stuff - mainly in Victoria and Tasmania from what I have seen. I will show you some little towns in the Adelaide Hills that are all quaint, older building and nice and green in posts at some stage. I for one would kill to live somewhere like Bright - but I'm not keen to leave my family and fact I don't know how people do that! They must be tougher than me I guess. I'm not looking forward to leaving Rubie - but she will be kept occupied with her cousins and my brother. I hope she doesn't think we have abandoned her!!! Thanks for reading!

  3. Oooh it looks lovely, it reminds me of some parts of the UK, it does look lovely and green, Congratulations on your anniversary - look forward to seeing all the pics!! Di xxxx

  4. Looks great for break in the Autumn I may have to take the UK relatives the next time they visit.