Tuesday, March 13, 2012

CRAFTS: Mosaic Candle Holders and Garden Ball

I saw a template for a garden candle holder in one of my Mosaics books. My husband made the wooden back and shelf out of MDF - a thick craftwood - and I picked up the small terracotta dishes from a garden centre. They are the smallest size pot saucer they carry and are the perfect size for this project.

Most of the ceramic materials used on these are made by my friend Sandy - she is a clever lady.

At the moment these two are on display in the Mosaics Shop I trained in, as a project "idea" for the students.

I'm a sucker for the humble flower. This was the first candle holder.

These little leaves were the right size to pop them down the flower stem.

I managed to incorporate a couple of my hand-painted parrots towards the bottom.

Second one - same background crystal tile used.

A full burgundy colour tile is the background for the mirror decal.

Sandy's beautiful ceramic embellishments. Really love them.

We had these mirror decals in the shop - but never sold one. The shop owner wanted to have something made with them so the customers could see them, she didn't need to ask twice.
This is me mucking about with left over bits. I made the ball (baseball size) out of leftover grout.  It can go anywhere in the garden or outdoors.


  1. OMG! These are beautiful! You are one talented lady!

  2. My Mum is very impressed with your lovely mosaics - she is not good with artistic crafts at all :-( The candle holders are so pretty with those ceramic details especially the little parrots! You are lucky to have such artistic peeps - we have to buy our garden decorations ready made - woofs and licks from Magic xx

  3. You really did a super job with each of these!!!

  4. The decals look great whats your next project?

  5. These are very, very beautiful. I just love everything about them.