Thursday, March 22, 2012

CRAFTS: Ceramics For The Outdoors

It is rare now-a-days to be able to create and fire your own ceramic pieces. The vast influx of cheap mass produced items that you can buy in the "two-dollar" shops have made a mockery of the crafting, time and expense that needs to be put into the real deal.

I am lucky enough to know Sandy, a friend who is a "ceramics artist" and has all the supplies and equipment (including two kilns) she needs at home. Sandy will make anything you want to order, in your colours, style and your wish is her command.  She does beautiful work, but won't ever admit her fact she is surprised when we make a fuss of what she produces. Beautiful, funny, humble girl. Even though a piece may take her hours and hours, she is apprehensive about charging people anything close to what I feel she deserves for it.

I digress. Sandy has taught me the art of ceramics. The really wonderful part about ceramics, is that when your house and shelves are heaving and are full to can start to make them to decorate the outdoors and garden. The sun and rain and snow won't touch them, but they will of course break if knocked or dropped! So a little care is required in placing them.

This is the Mega Mushroom - it stands 45cm (17.5 ") tall and is 37cm (14.5 ") across.

It's glaze is called Harvest Time and it's a crystal glaze.

Brad the Turtle guards a part of the garden and never complains.

Small mushroom

I've made three sets of these - and don't own any..... they are adorning two gardens (including one interstate) and one set decorates Lynn's entertainment unit. She couldn't bring herself to put them outside.

These were made by my husband. These two are in his sisters backyard.

And he made these for ours.

This is a Chinese Lantern I made for Lynn's Birthday. It's bigger than the Mega Mushroom. The lid lifts off and you can put a pillar candle in it. This is in Lynn's backyard.


  1. Lucky me having a creative friend means great Pressies!! Lynn

  2. Those ceramics are so lovely - my Mum says it's a shame you live so far away or she'd be round to get some of those for our house and garden :-)woofs and licks from Magic xx

  3. I LOVE the mushrooms.. and BRAD is super!!!

  4. Lovely! I'm particularly enchanted with the mushrooms.

  5. The mushroom are cute! The chinese lantern is very beautiful too! The ducks look so real. Immediately I thought, wow, if only I can get Mom to buy a ceramic ME! muahahaha...


  6. All these things are so great but I absolutely LOVE the mushrooms and the chinese lantern. How beautiful they are!!